Entrepreneurs’ farewell to traditional workplace?

According to Betteridge’s law of headlines any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered simply with the word no

Nevertheless, it would be foolish for one to assume that the current concept of workplace is not radically different from the one of not so distant past. Long gone are the days where the only option for young entrepreneurs was renting an isolated and probably overpriced workplace where one would continue to work on their own. Naturally, there will always be entrepreneurs who prefer to conduct their business in this kind of environment for one reason or another and there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with that.

Luckily for the rest of us, however, an emerging trend has gained significant momentum over the last years. Simply known as coworking, it seems like a promising idea for start-up businesses and according to educated speculators it might as well be representing an ideal of how work will be done in the future.

In line with standard definitions, coworking stands for a shared workspace. It simply means that we join different organizations under one roof, with different tactics, different products, however, with the same aspiration – to run a successful business. I do like to think that coworking space, at least at ABC Hub, is more than that.

Ideally, it is not mere office and ambition sharing, but also the sharing of ideas, team spirit and experiences. At the ABC Hub, I often also have the opportunity to witness cooperation among its users. If you, for example, need a website developer, the chances are he or she is sitting next to you. Need a design idea for your new product? It’s not a problem, as it happens you were just enjoying your brunch with one of the designers. All this would never be possible without what renting a table in coworking space is really about- a community spirit. ­­

It is not so much about individuals doing their work, as it is about different people with different background helping and learning from each other in order to succeed. In the current state of affairs this just might be the advantage one’s business is striving for.

Of course, it is hard to speculate when and how coworking type of workspace might take over the traditional workspace, but one thing is for sure, coworking is here to stay.

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