How to estimate your market size - and use it to beat your competitors

How to estimate your market size – and use it to beat your competitors

One of the most crucial tasks an entrepreneur has is to calculate the size of their market.
We will look at methods and potential data sources to estimate the market size, how it can influence your growth plans and how you can estimate your competitor’s positioning in them. One part of the workshop will be dedicated to startup estimating their market size and competitors.
data sources,
5 key elements of the industry
competitor analysis
ABOUT THE SPEAKER: dr. Aleš Pustovrh has completed his PhD in 2014 in Open Innovation at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He continues to research the new forms of innovation, emerging innovation systems and business models connected to them at this University. His activities are not limited to academic research of the topic as he is also systematically working with startup companies and large corporations trying to achieve accelerated growth. As such, he has been one of the founders of ABC Venture Accelerator and a partner at a venture capital fund. Both in his academic and other activities, he remains closely connected to the regions of Southeast- , East- and Central Europe, using the diverse environments and experiences as inputs for his research.
This workshop is for: innovative individuals, entrepreneurs, those who are planning a business or checking the market potential of idea, start-ups and scaleup companies.
👉 This workshop will be held in English and is FREE of charge! Hurry, the number of tickets is limited. It will be hosted online. You will receive a link to access the webinar two days and two hours before the event starts.
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Mar 05 2021


1:00 am - 4:00 pm

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