How to start a Start-Up with IIBA Core Concept Model

In the previous years, lecturer Andrej Guštin had an opportunity to work with business angels as a mentor and help start-up companies to start their business – especially to establish their core processes and to develop and deploy MVP. He found out, that many of them are very successful at the beginning and they made the prototype of product or service and acquire some basic seed capital from Angel investors. Despite valuable management advices and to stimulate their sales growth, they have big performance or quality difficulties. With enthusiastic focus on product price margin and appealing pitches to get next founding and/or accelerators acceptance, almost all needed IIBA BACCM approach to re-evaluate theirs MVP product and process’s structure.
Some real cases from time period 2017-2020 will present us what happened after the starting point when receiving a growing demand. IIBA used LEAN and other BA techniques to reduce waste in processes and increase efficiency. With a lot of improvements of initial star-up processes and organization rules, they challenged the initial business assumptions and process’s definitions and increased the revenue VALUE and internal efficiency.
• Usage of BACCM model in Start Up Company to develop MVP
• How to establish Start Up’s Core Processes to support MVP development
• Different perspective of MVP’s Business Requirements
The Lecturer: Andrej Guštin is a co-founder and CEO at CREA pro, a leading Slovenian consulting company focused comprehensively on business process management and innovation. Andrej’s activities are in general in management business consulting on strategy, process optimization and process innovation. As “representative from business” he regularly holds lectures and Case Study presentations at the different university programs. Andrej is a vice president of IIBA CHAPTER SLOVENIA and holds a Science Master Degree.
This workshop is for: innovative individuals, entrepreneurs and those who are planning a business or checking the market potential of (their) idea.
👉 This workshop will be held in English and is FREE of charge! Hurry, the number of tickets is limited. It will be hosted online. You will receive a link to access the webinar two days and two hours before the event starts.
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Feb 11 2021


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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